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Deep Cleaning

When do you need a Deep Cleaning

You need a deep cleaning when you have signs of periodontitis (which is a gum infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth). Some signs of periodontists are bone loss, bleeding, and inflamed gums. The dentist or hygienist is able to diagnose periodontitis. The most common cause of periodontitis is not getting regular teeth cleanings. In fact after only one year of not getting a regular cleaning a patient starts showing signs of periodontitis and needs a deep cleaning. I always tell my patients that as young kids we are very prone to getting cavities, but as adults the most serious harm to our teeth is bone loss, which is caused by not getting your regular cleanings. Although dental deep cleanings are very beneficial, often times they are not very affordable. Because, I believe that deep cleaning are one of the most important treatments our office makes it more affordable. Currently, we are charging $229 for a full mouth deep cleaning.


You can think of a crown as a gift box: it covers, protects, and improves the appearance of your teeth. If you have a tooth that’s broken, weak, or missing entirely, adding a crown can help restore it to full function and appearance.
Outside of medically necessary reasons like using the crown to cover an implant or protect a newly restored tooth following a root canal, you can choose to get a crown to cover a severely misshapen or discolored tooth. Talk about gifting yourself a beautiful smile!
Over the course of two visits, we remove any decay and place a all porcelain zirconia crown (which is one of the strongest materials to restore your tooth. Our crowns are both ethically pleasing and strong enough to support the force of your bite.
Make your appointment today to restore your smile.

Deep Cleaning

Many people wonder whether or not they really need a deep cleaning, and the question they really need to ask is this: are you at risk for gum disease? If so, it’s time to come in for a visit -- untreated gum disease can lead to tooth loss as well as chronic oral health issues.
During a deep cleaning, we first measure the spaces between your teeth in your gum (aka “pockets”) to see how much space there is for bacteria to get inside. Once we know how deep your pockets are, we numb the area so you don’t feel any pain when we clean it out.
Unlike a regular cleaning where we clean above your gums, during a deep cleaning we remove any bacteria, debris and tartar below your gums. This helps keep your roots healthy.
If your gums are red, puffy, or bleed easily, you might be in the early stages of gum disease and need treatment. Other times you might not have any symptoms at all but may still be at risk -- come on in for a free exam and X-Ray to find out. You can email us at info@summersmiledental.com or call +1 323-567-1821 to schedule your appointment.

Root Canal

You may have heard horror stories about this common procedure, but with proper care, a root canal can be a relatively painless procedure to save an infected or inflamed tooth.
Over the course of a couple treatments, we use a tiny drill to access the inside of your tooth, and use a small file to clear away the bacteria causing the inflammation. Don’t worry -- we apply the right amount of anesthesia in order for you to have a pain free and gentle experience .
Next, we clean out your tooth with a special solution to wash out the bacteria. With the bacteria gone, now there’s a clean and empty gap where your inflamed root once was, so we add a rubber-like material to fill the gap and close the opening. Now your tooth is protected while your crown is being specially created just for you.

When you return for your next appointment, we’ll remove the temporary filling and replace it with your crown. Congratulations, your tooth has been saved and restored to full function! No more pain or tenderness, sensitivity to cold or heat, or swelling.

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, please call us at +1 323-567-1821 or email info@summersmiledental.com to book your free X-Ray. Keep in mind that you may still have a diseased or dying tooth without experiencing of the above symptoms, so if it’s been 6 months or longer since your last dentist visit, it doesn’t hurt (pun intended) to schedule your appointment today!

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